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The Illawarra Legal Centre is a member of the National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC) and is based in Warrawong, a southern suburb of Wollongong, NSW.
Law Reform & Policy Work

 Law Reform and Policy Work



The Illawarra Legal Centre's policy and law reform work is focused on challenging potential and existing unfair laws and practices and making recommendations for improvements.

Law reform activities include projects that do the following four things:

Highlight the impact of the law on our community, particularly on groups who experience social and economic disadvantage;

 alt Draw the community’s attention to any injustices within the law;

 altBring to the attention of government and other institutions any injustices within the law;

 alt Recommend changes to the law and the way it operates based on our experiences within our community   



Recent Highlights


NSW Government Releases Consultation Paper On Civil Justice System Reform

alt The NSW Government is reviewing the civil justice system, releasing a consultation paper late last year that asks for public submissions on how it can improve the current system. 

In a media release announcing the launch of the paper, the Government cited figures from the Law and Justice Foundation saying that around 2.8 million people in NSW face a significant legal problem each year, with 85% of those matters involving civil law. 

However, the Foundations says that ‘one in five people take no action because they don’t know how to or think it will be too stressful or expensive’.

The Illawarra Legal Centre provided an extensive submission including case studies to the NSW Department of Justice in February this year.  

Read Illawarra Legal Centre's submission here.



Fisheries Management

altIllawarra Legal Centre was asked to provide a broad response to the NSW Department of Primary Industries Public Consultation Draft regarding the 'Fisheries Management Admendment Bill' on behalf of the participants at a number of local fishing rights workshops the ILC has conducted as well as from feedback provided at the unprecedented gathering of members from the 13 clans of the Yuin Nation at Killalea on 26-28 June 2015 (‘the Killalea Gathering’).



Tenancy Law and Policy Reform

alt The Illawarra & South Coast Tenants Service provided an extensive submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Social, Public and Affordable housing. The Service used their submission to call upon the government to increase funding for repairs and maintenance of properties, invest in social and affordable housing stock, and ensure that funds from the sale of public housing stock are reinvested into maintaining existing stock or creating new stock. 

The Tenants Service submission is available here.

The Tenants Service was also called to give evidence at a public hearing relating to the Inquiry. The transcript of this hearing is available here.



Generalist Law Reform

alt Illawarra Legal Centre sent important submissions and case studies to members of the New South Wales parliament regarding changes proposed to the Victims’ Compensation Scheme. The Victims’ Rights and Support Bill 2013 proposing to drastically reduce compensation payments made to victims of crime, domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault was introduced into parliament on Tuesday 7 May 2013. It was passed on 30 May 2013.

Read the May 2013 Media Release


Children's Court Assistance Scheme (CCAS) Law Reform

alt ILC participates in submission to parliamentary inquiry into strategies to reduce alcohol abuse among young people in NSW

Read the March 2013 submission


Tenancy Law Reform

alt The Boarding Houses Act 2012 commenced on 1 January 2013 with the objective to protect the rights of people who reside in boarding houses and promote the sustainability of the boarding house industry. The Act provides that the Commissioner for Fair Trading can publish a standard form occupancy agreement for use in boarding houses. 

Read the full: Submission by the Illawarra & South Coast Tenants Advice Service (ISCTAAS) on the Standard Occupancy Agreement for Boarding houses 

      For further information on the Standard Occupancy Agreement click here


alt The NSW State Government has recently undertaken a review of the Residential Parks Act 1998, and released a draft Bill to entirely replace the existing Act. The draft Bill includes reforms in areas like: mandatory education for all new operators, improved processes for making, ammending and enforcing comunity rules and community-based approaches to dealing with increases in site fees.

Read the full: Submission by the Illawarra & South Coast Tenants Advice Service (ISCTAAS) on the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Bill

For further information on the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Bill click here



Past Highlights


alt ILC aiding the success of Work and Development Orders (WDO) as an option for fines debt of young people and others


2010 – 2011

The Illawarra Legal Centre also:

  • Contributed to the CLCNSW submission on police accountability
  • Contributed to a law reform project in relation to errors on the NSW Police database
  • Provided input into the law reform work of CLCNSW in relation to access to documents in victims' compensation matters
  • Contributed to the CLCNSW submission on interpreters. We sought improvements to the automated Telephone Interpreter Service.
  • Attended meetings to discuss law reform issues at Wollongong Local Court with credit and debt workers
  • Wrote to local members regarding the Residential Tenancies Bill



alt View our submission to the National Human Right’s Consultation on the need for a Human Right’s Act.

alt View our submission to the Access to Justice Taskforce 2009.







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